About Us

The Hayate Story

On a journey between Berlin and Delhi, Anjana Das did a quick stopover in Hamburg at the atelier of her friend Claudia Spielmann. She had heard of new works to be seen. As they were gazing at Claudia’s latest work – rhythmic images, full of energy in magenta, lemon and blue – Anjana was mesmerized. Both found they shared the same belief about textile craft: Garments should contain exactly this level of artistic energy! This is where the creative conversation turned into a common project: wearable art.


Claudia Spielmann has been working for the last 20 years as a costume and set designer for leading stages and opera houses in Europe and Japan. Widely recognized as an artist she is exhibiting in Tokyo, Miami, Basel and Hamburg. Born into a family cherishing arts and crafts, from an early age she became used to travelling Europe, Asia and Africa collecting pieces.


Anjana Das established her fashion label White Champa in 2006. Her exclusive collections, created from luxurious fabrics utilizing intricate hand embroidery, are handcrafted in her own studio in New Delhi. Before starting her own label, she had been working for the French house of embroidery ‘Jean Francois Lesage’ renowned for it’s unsurpassed craftsmanship. Today, Anjana lives and works between Berlin, London, Manila and Delhi.

With Hayate, Claudia Spielmann and Anjana Das founded a new and unique label striving to apply the strength of artistic expression to luxurious accessories. Currently, the design collaboration is focusing on scarves, bags and embroidered cushions. At Hayate, we believe in exclusivity – meaning strictly limited editions, ranging from 30 pieces per design to completely unique masterpieces. Individuality and beauty for the cosmopolitan.

Hayate pieces are made using only the most
select and precious materials.

Handspun cashmere, wool and silk blends are woven, digitally printed, hand-painted or hand-embroidered in one of the leading manufactures in New Delhi. Handcrafting one scarf can take up to six weeks of weaving, dying and painting or embroidery.

At Hayate, we believe in the combination of
art and craftsmanship.

Consequently, our pieces are designed and crafted in an integral process of creation.

For Claudia Spielmann and Anjana Das, who herself is of Indian origin, it is quintessential that the collaboration with the artisans and producers is fair for all involved. Hayate supports the Indian and Philippine artisans by keeping the traditional techniques of handcraft as well as securing work conditions according to European standards.


Thoroughness and Spirit – this is the origin of a global product. It is modern and unique.

A wearable painting –
an exclusive piece of art for life.