Hayate Scarves

Living our lives as global nomads the world around us is constantly changing. A wearable piece of art gives you comfort and joy in every situation. Hayate wants you to feel independent, sophisticated and at home.



Our Crosses scarves are printed in the atelier of a very reputable textile printer in New Delhi. The exceptionally soft texture of the wool and silk provides the canvas for the design. The deep and luminous colours of the pieces are a result of the outstanding printing quality.

Each piece is exclusively hand woven.

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In terms of quality and design our Circles are as unique as our Crosses. Digitally printed and hand-woven each scarf stands for itself. The Circles are highly coveted because of their casual and urban style.

Depending on your mood or individual taste you can choose between Light Mint/Poppy, Indigo/Poppy and Indigo/Light Magenta.

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Art Pieces

The cashmere weaving process is in itself an art, which has been passed down over many generations. The cashmere wool is collected every spring and is spun by hand on a spinning wheel, locally known as ‘charkha’. Weaving is done with a shuttle carrying the soft cashmere yarn through the fine yet strong cashmere warp. Our cashmere comes from the Kumaon mountains of the Himalayas. Spun and woven from the fine hair of the capra hircus mountain goats.

This scarf is made in a process lasting many weeks. The pieces are painted completely by hand. In a very laborious process, the artisans using fine brushes apply the different nuances of colour step by step on the cashmere.

Each piece carries the unmistakable trace of the artist’s hand who worked on it. These scarves evoke a silent dialogue between the creator of the piece and the person wearing it.

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Hayate Bi-Colour- scarves are a heritage product with a modern twist. Every scarf is composed of two colours engaged in a deep and silent dialogue.

Hand- woven and hand-dyed in Delhi, each colour has strong metaphorical and cultural connotations. Dyes seem to embody the spirit of the plants from which they are extracted.

A lightweight and versatile artpiece to love and to keep.

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